Tuesday, May 11, 2010

second life!

I have actually heard alot about second life but this was the first that I had heard about the orientation areas that the video showed were offered in Second Life. I thought that it was really cool that the creators could make the scene look like London and be so realistic. I also thought that it was cool that people could find different orientations and choose what they wanted to learn about.
Week 12 Scribe Postfrom T4T Scribes (Shared Learning Blog)
by Sammy Jane
During week 12 we used classtime to get caught up on all of our assignments. We also used classtime to have another lesson over the Smart Notebook Software. I thought that the tools that he taught us how to use were awesome. I know that there was a math major in the classroom who really appreciated how you can download a scientific calculator to use with the board. I also really liked how he showed us how to resync the board. I am terrible with reading manuals so I am sure that if he hadn't showed us how to tap all of the dots that I would have never figured it out. I also really liked the highlighter tool. I would never make it through school without all my highlighters and now I can have one electronically! I think that everyone really appreciated Michael Mount coming and teach us how to use the IWB. I also think that everyone really appreciated the extra time to get last minute assignments done.
Samantha Settlemyre

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I really hope that my presentation didn't bore anyone but I really love these dogs. I hope that maybe with the information that i provided about the akitas will make more people want one. The one thing I wish I would've spent more time on was how to go about adopting an akita.