Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sam's Must Think Alike :)

I really enjoyed Sam's video and her take on how to use technology.

Sam showed how she could read books off of her IPOD. I have alot of friends that do this. Some of them have even gotten their text books on their IPODs. Being a special education teacher, I think that this would be a great thing to encorporate in the classroom.

I personally, have never really messed with editing any videos but I do devote most of my time to photogrpahy and editing pictures so I think that is why this grabbed my attention the way it did.


  1. when i tried to embed the video it said that there was an error. It said that the tag wasnt closed. How do i fix this?

  2. Looks like you got this fixed. Good job.

    It definitely makes a difference when students can access content in multiple forms / modalities. Hopefully more of our schools will provide students with laptops and other digital learning devices soon so this is possible for everyone.