Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An Age of Technology

My most significant takeaway from the "Cameron" video is that I am twice Cameron's age and he probably knows four times more about technology than I do. Even though, I consider myself to be quite speedy with technology, there are still some areas where my knowledge is lacking. I'm sure I could learn alot from him. I think that Cameron's video connects with my life because there are quite a few times where I find myself answering my parent's questions about their IPOD's or their computer. The part in the video where Cameron had actually made a video to help his teacher make her math lesson more interesting was great. I remember when I was in high school, we made several videos for my AP English class. It definately livened up the classroom. Those videos caught people's attention more than just reading the assigned book would. This is the kind of enviroment that I would like to use in my own classroom. I think it would be great for all the different kinds of learning styles. I also think that as teachers it is our responsibilities to help kids grow as technology does.


  1. That is great you had an English teacher who let you create videos. Too often teachers believe they can't sacrifice lecture / direct teaching time to let students create videos, yet those kind of projects are the main things which "stick with us" months or years after a class is over.

  2. I think you summed up technology in life quite well! I think it's awesome how you got to experience some video making in high school. I bet the students in your class wil have a lot of fun using techonology in your classroom to help reinforce curriclum.

  3. I would have loved the oportunity to work with technology or even have made a video in my classroom! I think technology of any kind can make learning more interesting for kids and when they are teaching other they are actually teaching themselves so this makes it a good tool as well! Don't be discouraged if there are aspects of technology you don't understand. All teachers have strengths and weaknesses. :)